The Outrageous Girl in Me

I want to travel to write and write to travel.

In a totally unprofessional way of writing down notes, I am drafting a mail when I mean to write about introduction for my blog. This blog has fascinated me so much that when I think about what my future would be like, this comes to the picture. I am not a person who has defined set of things to do on my list. Right now the vein in my hand is injected with sharp ended narrow tube and I am at the corridor of a hospital, a book at the side chair opened to the page I last read. I am so clueless right now about what form of shape it will take that I am trying ‘free writing’. Writing everything that goes in your head at the moment to get your peculiar writing style out, that is free writing.
My blog is named “The Outrageous Girls”, I do not mean to sound rebellious. But it is about every girl, who in place of a Fancy and Cozy dinner, will want to walk out in loose pants and 50 so liter ruck sack to live adventures unknown.

Who will go as far as she can, to travel, to do things she has always wanted, to not let others write her story.

I have done things of which I was scarred of the most such as gliding down a 6 storey building, diving in a pool (which was a big deal for me back then), hanging onto a hot balloon, swinging between two giant mountains, etc.

I wish to continue to explore everything. Explore every place. Climb. Swim. Dive. Cycle. Time is less. World is big. I can’t afford to miss out on any beautiful corner. I believe every person I meet will teach me something new. I want to go to the farthest of places, climb the greatest of hills fitting to my capacity and stamina, swim lakes in hidden villages. Come home with torn pants and stories to share over tea.
This blog to for every girl, who shares a heart of mine 🙂

Stay Outrageous. Stay Carefree.

~The Outrageous Girl


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