Himachal Pradesh – An unplanned journey

Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places, the best states that I have been to. And when I say it was unplanned, I mean it in all the literal sense. I have been wanting to go on an unknown journey since a very long time, and here was I, finally getting to do it.


It is not as fancy as it may read, you are going to do see things you had never thought you would.

This place has some of the sweetest pahadi people. Or for the matter of fact, all the people here are so sweet. Every person will come to help you, empathise with you like a family member in case you are stuck anywhere.

I did get stuck at lot of places, stood in really long queue to book a last-minute ticket to a place I had decided to go to after reading a ‘most secluded place in HP’ article and later surfing more about it.

I got to do a lot of hitchhiking which also is my childhood dream, we got a ride from army scouts, truck driver, random other locals. We met people, who would just randomly start conversations, and the following night, ended up having dinner with them.

The journey was not easy. But it was worth taking.

You go to this place, and you forget about everything else. You start to realise that the world is bigger than the city you live in, and people you meet everyday.

And  you come back. But prepare, save. To start again.

Stay Outrageous. Stay Carefree.

~The Outrageous Girl

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