How is it like to travel with your boyfriend

They will make decisions. Buy tickets. Book cabs. Buy you food. Keep calm when you are PMSing.

I do not know where to begin from. First of all it is really an adventurous idea to go out with someone you are extremely comfortable with for a mini vacation. There are so many challenges that come in your way but if you both are travel junkies, you will find a way out.

My travel plans didn’t pop up in my head in just a day’s time.

Rather I was subconsciously building it every year as I grew up watching Beg-Borrow-Steal and shows on National Geography where they are given nothing and asked to find their own way out from nowhere to the human habitat.

It is really enticing to think about it. I have grown up having that desire to go out of my own. I started with little treks and then one fine day when I was giving my final exams of engineering, I decided to go out of my own. No planning. No back up ideas. Just pick up a bag. And GO OUT!

I wanted to pick up a place which will be safe for girls. I chose Himachal on my friend’s suggestion and booked a ticket with the money I had earned selling my previous semester books.

As a student I was always broke and I couldn’t tell at home just right then that I was planning to go out that far and that too all alone. After I bought my ticket, the idea seemed to feel real and started to materialize. I used to stare at the ticket and think about my journey. How would it be like. I wanted to stay with the locals. I wanted to share my food with the locals. That is my idea of travelling. So I began reading about the state. I took a photocopy of the map and began to tick mark places of my interest. Trust me, on map it seems like you could go everywhere with the time you have planned your trip for. But in real, it is totally different.

Coming back to travelling solo Vs travelling with someone. I won’t be a better judge of travelling solo Vs anything as I have never really gone out alone. This trip was originally my first unplanned solo trip but I ended up going with my boyfriend. It so happened that his plans got cancelled and he wanted to travel with me. I doubted my decision to go with him as it would make this trip more romantic than adventurous. But I was equally scared to go out all alone in a state I had just seen on the map and heard in geography textbooks. So I said yes to the suggestion. I didn’t know how would it be like to stay with a guy for such a long time.

So here is how it is like to travel with a guy!


They will make decisions. Buy tickets. Book cabs. Get you food. Keep calm when you are PMSing.

But they will make you supremely dependent on them.

So if you are on a solo trip, you get to take decisions. But with them around, expect it less.

They are always prepared. With two portable power banks to refill your phone’s draining battery and a stun gun and a pocket knife handy, they will make sure you are safe.

They will find best deals for you. Browsing through offers and what not, and they will make sure they help in saving a penny or two to get to travel more.

They will always be okay to travel light with not too many requirements, they are okay to travel with basic necessities and a little money in the bank

The same goes when it comes to food, shopping and other things. They are easily settled as long as they get to chill and see more places.

There are difference of opinions and little fights, but they will try the best to not annoy you and spoil the trip. If the guy is really into you, he would want to make it special for you at every step, right from buying you your favorite food to waking you up with a peck on the cheek, from taking you to a camp stay by the lake to buying you hot momos when you get hunger pangs.

They (guys) are the best company as they are carefree, they do not make you conscious of what you wear, how messy your bun is and how you eat at the local Dhabba.

All in all, I loved the trip with him, and I did get more closer to him. He is my best friend.

As they say, if you want to know whether he is the one or no, travel with him! 🙂

I will be covering my Himachal trip in detail in the next piece! Until then…

Stay Outrageous. Stay Carefree.

~The Outrageous Girl

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