Looking for a break from your 9-6 desk job in lure of doing something outrageous & crazy ?

This will definitely blow off your mind!

Mumbaikars, you guys don’t have to go to New Zealand for this one!

‘Giant Swing’ in our very own Sandhan Valley!

Sandhan Valley – The valley of Suspense

Sandhan valley is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri mountain range. This canyon i.e. a deep cleft between cliffs, is created due to erosive activity of a river.


This place was first explored by a group of adventure lovers lead by Arun Sawant. Luckily I am part of a trek group of which Arun is a co-member.

I have already been to Sandhan Valley for trekking.

Giant Swing in Sandhan- Call it a death swing?

In simple terms, it’s swinging between the valleys! Scary?

sandhan 4.jpg

Wait for my videos!

While you will find the similar swing  in Hrishikesh which is an artificial set up created by group of adventure enthusiast from New Zealand, Giant Swing in Sandhan is natural setup.

Wow, interesting no?

Arun Sawant, the founder of this place, says –

“Giant Swing in Sandhan was a based on Natural set up which itself is a unique achievement and was successfully executed on 12,13 & 14 April, 2013. Jumping from a cliff, facing in a 1000 feet deep valley which was full of solid rocks and take a Giant Swing or Tarzan Swing of approx 300 feet is real challenge and proud to say that we all did it though with increased heart beats and some goose bumps 😉 But, we all believed “डर के आगे जीत हैं!” It was real adrenaline rush and a Life time experience for all of us!” 

So, it is 1000 feet deep! Like I am 5 point some feet. Imagine a dept of 1000 feet!

I am going for Giant Swing this Sunday!

Stay tuned!

Stay Outrageous. Stay Carefree.

~The Outrageous Girl