Prabalmachi & Kalavantin

I knew that this new year, I am not going to get wasted & have a bad hangover the next day!

I wanted to be away from the city, under the starry sky & the shivering cold of the night.

So, I chose Prabalmachi, which is 8-9 km from Panvel station. A 40 minute tumtum ride will drop you to Thakur wadi village. From there it is another 1 hour night trek to Prabalmachi which is around 1250 feet.

Started off the new year with a yummy cake & the crazy fireworks.

Later came the cozy bonfire, a guitarist in the group & a really long night

PRABALMACHI CAMPING           Picture Credits: Mr.Devendra Gogate and Mr.Jogi Prajapati

I want to be a gypsy for the rest of forever and all that I need for the same is my TENT & the gypsysoul!

The next morning was no less. The never-ending climb to Kalavantin which is another 1150 Feet from Prabalmachi!


 And that was my first 2017 sunrise! CRAZY!


Kalavantin is a beauty you don’t want to miss out on. While it is a medium level trek and the height is more than you might have been to before, it is worth the effort.

It is a steep plateau which is what makes it tough to climb & while you are climbing, DO NOT look down!

Some more pictures..



And this little shirtless guy didn’t want to click a picture with me. Probably, I was too civilized for him 😀


That gentleman is our trek organiser getting us some breakfast 🙂


Coming here for the last day of the past year was one of the best decisions.

Special thanks to the trek group – Wanderingsoulriders

Prabalmachi & Kalavantin is a nice weekend getaway for any Mumbaikar! So why let be every weekend the same while you could get out and be here 🙂

Stay Outrageous. Stay Carefree.

~The Outrageous Girl

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