Haridwar is one of the 7 holiest places in India & I got to spend more 10 days there.

While I was bored & had enough of Ganga-viewing days, I will admit that the city has the flavor of its own.

You will come back remembering it with the narrow streets flooded with sadhus in safron, having hookah in the open, tourists loitering the river with the scraps of plastic in the name of divine & the local carefree children swimming in the vast Ganga.

For the sadhus in saffron, it is the way of their living, they wander from one place to the other with a little steel vessel to have food in, which is also their only belonging!



I loved the morning strolls here. One of the mornings, I fed the local strays & felt quite satisfied. Although, most mornings were too cold to wake up to.


This picture was taken at the sunrise. I love this picture. Also, I didn’t realise this place was this beautiful until I came back home & saw this picture. I kind of got used to seeing the river daily.

And when I had literally nothing to do, I read by the river! PC: Mommy


And of course the holy dupki that you take to get rid of your sins 😀

It was winter then, and the water was freezing cold. Hence it took me a while to take dhopki.

The Ganga aarti is the must go-to if you are in Haridwar, even if you are a non believer. There is such an energy in the air with thousands of believers singing their prayers in sync & when the river is lit with glittering diyas!

And of course the chole bature, with too much of oil in the Haridwar style!


A lot of localities are dependent on tourism as their source of income.

My only request to you would be – If you are there, try to not add to the water pollution. River Ganga is littered with the plastic scraps by the careless tourists. The localities are not concerned about of the same. Tourism being their primary medium of earning, they sell plastic items & let the outsiders pollute the river.