9 Outrageous Date Ideas ❤

Hi there! While I do fancy a date with the red dress & wine (I have never been to this kind of date) , my personal favorites are here in the list!

My top favourites on the list:

  1. Go into the woods & jump in the mud puddle! Yeah well, who said only kids can do thatdscn8977-1

    Trust me it was no easy job to get him to the puddle in his white pants & jump in here like a 5-year-old HAHA. All soaked up, carrying shoes by laces & having garam chai to start the day with 🙂

  2. Sunday brunch on the hilltop! My next favourite on the list is going hiking  & Of course eating breakfast right up there

    He got me food to eat & we had to return back home that day to get ready for office! Now, if  you want, you can fit anything in your daily schedule 😛
  3. And sweet murmurs & whispers near the bonfire!
    Not a clear picture tho, but clearly shows how happy time it was! The cold night with a couple of stranger companions singing all night by the bornfire.

    4. Go to water park, get on the slides, away from usual clubs & loud music. Play with water & in the water. Swim a little & replenish your bond over such adventure!aqua-imagica

    5. Activities like walking on the Burma bridge or swinging between two mountains could make up for an adventurous date! Plus you both will overcome your fears together. That is what we call growing up with each other!

    Me walking on a single rope & for a moment I did think I would lose the balance as it got a bit windy!

    6. Go backpacking together. Yes, that is one of the best things you will do! Travelling together changes the game & lets you build a deeper connection with your travel partner. So pick up a city, plan & go outrageous

    Waking up to the Buffet this grand is a dream when you are on a budget trip!

    7. How about a tea near the sea? Yes, it is not just a cup of tea, darling. Blend it with endless conversations, peaceful morning, chirping birds – Perfect Brunch Date

    Weekend getaway.jpg

8. Check out Hrishikesh for some thrilling adventures like water rafting, para gliding, etc.


9. Go  on a cycling vacation. You will stop by for vada pav & chai. Fight over how slow the other person is riding. One of you will fall down, and the other one will act like an ass and laugh out loud. Such are cycling trips! Long, tiring, adventurous, full of experiences Cycle.jpg

That is very much my idea of outrageous & adventurous dates. I am sure I have missed out on some of the other things which I did & would recommend but these mentioned ones are my favorites 🙂

Do tell me which one did you like the most! And you plan to do with your date!

Happy Being Bold & Outrageous


4 thoughts on “9 Outrageous Date Ideas ❤

  1. I love the way u describe your journey with your partner😊 It kindaa inspires to enjoy these exciting things with my future loved one😋😘 Go girl! Good going!


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