Sula At A Glance! 

Last long weekend, I visited Nasik to meet my long distance girl-friend.
It took only so many awkward pictures & chilling at her balcony on a fairly humid day for us to plan Sula Visit
Let’s Do Sula Today!
 I have been meaning to go out with her since quite some time as we are in a long distance friendship & we don’t get to hang out that often.
And this was an amazing time out for both of us. Approximately 15 minute ride from College road – Nasik, with our scarf covered hair, best summer dress on & chatty moods in place
Bright day at Sula was more than just wines & vineyard.
This is such a gorgeous yard in the grape capital that you will be left awestruck for a while (If you are a nature lover like me).



And these towers!2

OMG! Look at this giant yellow petal, brightening my day to the best of its capability 🙂3

We literally went crazy & carefree, sipping through tangy wines & rolling our tongues as it left acidic reactions on our tonguesIMG-20170315-WA0031

My phone ran out of storage with so many pictures & videos. I found myself helpless being at such a beautiful grape island in the warmest city in India – Nasik
And you wouldn’t want to miss fancy wall arts & floral decorations.
She asked me to jump, I did. Yes, it came with a price. Little bruise on my knee & a funny story to remember
And of course, travel blogging & stalking go hand in hand! (HAHA) You just don’t go to a place, You Explore it!
Yellow & Gay! Cycling with the mustard colored walls in the background! This is dreamy. This is dream.
And it is totally different experience to let your toes in the dip of smashed grapes and play with in it like a toddler
 She introduced me to wine & I have to say this that she has a great taste in wine. We had Chenin Blanc with chocolate & coffee cake which is the best combination! Tried Bottoms Up with Wine & later couldn’t stop laughing for no specific reason at a coffee shop.
We took a wine tour where they tell us about how wine is fermented & matured in wooden cabinets.
In first phase, wine is fermented in this steel vessel.
 Later it is moved to the wooden cabinets. And since wine is acidic in nature, it is stored in wooden cabinets to avoid acidic reactions with metallic vessels. This room has a room temperature of around 16 – 18 degree celsius with tonnes of wine stored in multiple wooden cabinets. These cabinets are imported from France.
Wine tour & tasting was amazing! We were made to taste 5 types of wine – some white & some red.
5 Steps to drink your wine
1. Hold the glass at the step, if you bring your palm in contact with the glass, it will expose the wine to your body heat
2. Lean the glass horizontally on one side, check how transparent the liquid is. Lesser the transparent it is, more is its age
3. Twirl the glass gently 
4. Smell the wine, understand different aromas, guess the fruit it is made of
5. Finally, take a sip & savour it
Being at Sula is a great weekend Getaway, offering you heavenly scenic beauty of long farms with a free entry in the vineyard, wine tour & tasting in just INR 350/-, where you learn about how wine is fermented & matured. Restaurant, having front view of vineyard, has a cover charge of INR 1000 for two!
Many thanks to Saloni for taking my beautiful pictures & handling me well while I was high on Sula & white wine.
Lots of touchy love to you.
Thanks for reading! Your feedback is much awaited. Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like!

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