How do I manage ‘My Little Vacations’ with a full time job. Here is what I have learnt in last 8 months!

Hi Readers, Happy Sunday. It is mid afternoon as I begin to edit my draft I had left unfinished last night.
A lot of you have DMed me on Instagram asking ‘How I manage to travel so often with a full-time job’
I would like to clear a layer of illusion by stating that a lot of the pictures & stories that I have shared on social media especially on my Instagram channel – @beingmeraki have been clicked previously i.e before I joined work.
I don’t get a lot many leaves & very much like each of you, my day starts with work & ends with work.

While an ideal situation would be me freelancing, but as they say – You make situations ideal, don’t wait for it to get ideal.
I work as a full-time digital marketer, and some days I return home post 10 PM. I work 5 days a week i.e. 20 days a month & roughly 200 days a year.

Firstly let me bring to light my holiday bank! As an employee I get 21 paid leaves, 12 festive holiday leaves & 96 weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) annually. That is 129 non working days & yet many of us are not able to use these little breaks fruitfully! Presently I am working on two clients which require my attention and I can’t afford to take a long break. 

However, as travelling has been my priority, I have continued to find ways to continue to travel by using some of the hacks I have learnt in the last 8 months of my job.

Study your holiday calendar:

YES! This is the first thing you must do. Look out for festive holidays before or after weekends i.e. the ones dated on Fridays or Mondays

Pick a favourable place

You don’t want to go down south during summers or up north in monsoon

Sooner the cheaper

Everything from flight to stay will cost you less if reserved in advance
I booked flight tickets almost 5 months prior to my journey date & believe me, I got an amazing deal @Make My Trip. I am travelling to Pondicherry this August during Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. dated on 25th August, Friday. Combining it with Saturday, Sunday & 2 Privilege leaves, I have 5 hassle free travelling days.

Welcome reasons which make way for travel

Be it bachelorette of your friend or  getting an opportunity to see your friend’s native place in Goa, SAY YES!
I will be travelling to Aurangabad for a Bachelors, the coming long weekend i.e. 29th April, 30th April & 1st May (Labour Day). I have planned to see some interesting places there, CANT WAIT!

Use your weekends

I have several trek organisers in my circle who keep distracting me with Whatsapp forwards of weekend treks, nature trails, forest walks.  These events are  closer to your city & you can make the best out of those two days by checking out some offbeat places nearer to the main city. I have been to Sandhan Valley, Chakdev & Prabalmachi.

Some more options:

There are many other options like Sabbatical which might not be apt for a fresher like me right now where you can take longer duration of breaks.
However, don’t wait for such long breaks, instead plan your regular weekends smartly.
There are many offbeat places which you can explore & return back to office on Monday fresh & sound, ready to face work expectations with equal will & interest.
I hope you had an insightful read & have gained something out of these words. I have been meaning to write useful content to pass on any knowledge I have. Do tell me if you were looking for anything more specific in this blog, I would surely cover it in my next.
Outrageous Girl

2 thoughts on “How do I manage ‘My Little Vacations’ with a full time job. Here is what I have learnt in last 8 months!

  1. I love how you’ve managed to maintain a great work life balance and are paying the much needed attention to as well as respect the commitments that you have at work!


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