Why only cycle when in Amsterdam?

Cycle in my 20s

Remember those summer days where you had no big plans other than picking up your cycles & paddling your way around the city?

I guess, that part of childhood has come to me a little later in life. I never rode a cycle, as a child. However, I always dreamt to own one having a big wooden basket clung to it at the front end to box lots of fresh flowers. DREAM.

Only years after my college, when my boyfriend started riding bi-cycle for long, real long distances, say 30-40 KMS a day & I started to join him for of course short distance rides.

Getting adjusted to the ride

My rider junkie owns two gear bi-cycles which is why we have managed to ride together to quite a number of places.

I took a little time to understand the purpose of gears & how to alter the speed as & when required.

Even to this day, he rides to the right side of me to ensure I am safe. WELL, he is just over-protective.

Exploring the city 

We mostly ride in Navi Mumbai. I am absolutely in love with Navi Mumbai.

The roads are smooth, broad and full of greenery. It homes so many creeks & lake. It is every cyclist’s dream to ride here. We have had several early morning brunches at the lake. We leave early from his place & pick up ready to eat snacks on the go. It is a treat after an exuberant ride to simply sit near the lake & savor the food.

I don’t know a lot many things which we share as common between us, but love for nature is something that keeps us both together.


Places to check out 

I want to confess something before I leave you with a list of places to check out.

I am a very selfish traveler. While I visit secluded places like these, I don’t want to share them with everyone. However, I know, that I have to write about my travel ventures & inspire (even if inspirational part is slightest), I need to give away this list.

I only want to request each one of you reading this, if you have made it this far, if you do visit any of the below mentioned places, Kindly Do Not Litter It. Take along with you a waste bag to carry all your waste while you are returning. Let’s keep it beautiful & clean.

Finally leaving you with a list of places you could check out in Navi Mumbai.

1. Parsik Hill –

The hill is approximately 15 square kilometers area of reserved forests, crossing into sections of both Thane and the north side of Navi Mumbai

Nearest station: Belapur

2. Ransai Dam, Chirner road

Situated in Uran village which is primarily a fishing & agriculture village. Also the source of drinking water to the city

Nearest station: Panvel

3. Kharghar

Kharghar is said to be the third most developed node of Navi Mumbai after Vashi & Nerul with smooth and wide roads 

Nearest station: Kharghar

4. Morbe dam

Morbe Dam is a gravity dam on the Dhavari river near Khalapur. It is the main water source for Navi Mumbai. 

Nearest station: Panvel

5. Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)

It is India’s largest container port and beautiful place to go for a cycle ride 

Nearest station: Panvel

Cycles on Rent

I know it will be a trouble for some of you to rent a bicycle from Mumbai & get it to Navi Mumbai. Cyclist Pranav Jain owns two gear bicycles & he is really touchy about them. He would lend it to you if you can assure of its proper care.

You can contact him for bookings & prices here: 9768588571

Stay Carefree, Stay Outrageous

~ The Outrageous Girl


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