Walk Into My Revamped Closet

Being outrageous & bold reflects in every aspect of your life – Not just in things to do, places you go to & adventures you seek.
It also comes into picture in how carefree you are with your choices of clothes & how boldly & confidently you carry yourself.
So here is the first on fashion & clothing –

Back Then, The Wardrobe Mistakes That I Made!

I look back at my old pictures, I had completely different sense of style. I had a different body structure. I weighed 10 KG lesser than today.
I personally believe that your sense of style is unique. It is inspired by a lot many around you but the way you wear it, accessorize it, carry it, is all YOURS. You own your style.
I have seen my styling evolve over last 12 months, ever since I left my college & shifted to a different part of Bombay for my job.
I have a little extra money to spend on my wardrobe & lot of options to play with.
My confidence with my body type & choice of clothes has skyrocketed. And in my mind, I can totally understand why. Lets start from the beginning.

Roughly 8 – 9 months back…

I compelled myself to buy new decent clothes which I could wear to college/work & I bought a lot of stuff which I liked at the first sight but never imagined myself wearing.
I always bought things liking them at the first sight & never bothering to ask below questions. Some of which are:
Why exactly do I need this? Where will I wear it? How often will I wear it? Does it make sense to buy it & keep it in my closet resting for months? 
Impulse shopping only sounds good. It is a waste of your money. You will end up filling crap in your wardrobe for months.
Another mistake which I am guilty of committing is comparing my body type with my companions’. The more I compared, the more miserable I felt.
I failed to realise that there are completely different set of clothes which are meant for my body type. There are completely different set of lipstick tones which will compliment my skin colour & face cut.

Stepping into 2017 with transforming closet with each day

I began to notice that I like wearing extra size clothes – be it baggy pants, skater skirts & dresses & A line long Kurtas & shrugs.
The moment I began to know what I am comfortable in, I gained confidence.
Here are my few picks from my phone gallery to give you a glimpse of my present wardrobe situation.
1. Today-Lets-Turn-Off-The-WiFi look
Wearing a floral cocoa coloured comfy dress which I picked from a street shop with milk white shoes from StreetStyleStore
 2. I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn-To-What-Day-Is-Today look
I practically use this baggy pants almost every second/third day to office. I feel so good to be in this pants that I want to use them for forever. I can wear them with literally any crop top I own.  I feel like a hippie & a lost wanderer who can’t be possessed by anything/anyone in this world (And this is a little too much of a philosophy touch I could bring in while talking about my clothes).
I got those brown shoes from BigBazaar at under INR 600 & those feather earrings from a street stall at INR 30 bucks.
FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Baggy pants from Koovs.com


3. I-Will-Overdo-It-Today look

Some days, you want to step out of your home, not just in your usual pants & a plain Tee. You want to put in an extra effort. Why? Because, clothes do brighten up your dull routine.

I am wearing a long flowery polyester skirt with white spaghetti & a cropped denim jacket.  The black sling is a final touch to this carefree look.

Skirt bought from a local store
4. I-Am-A-Cute-Bunny-Of-All-You-Know look

Wearing a light cotton jumpsuit with a red inner on a summer-ry day. This is not one of the best pictures but the only one picture that I have in this comfy jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit bought from a local store
5. Waking-Up-To-Friyay look

If you work for 5 days in a week, you definitely know how to splurge on yourself on Friday nights, you go a little extra crazy. Add an edge to your otherwise dull office wear. Because, WHY NOT?

FullSizeRender (2)
Black jumpsuit with lacy net at the back worn as a top, bought from a local store
6. Beach-Days-Are-My-Favourite-Days look

Wearing another floral cream coloured skirt with a Forever 21 black crop top which I picked up during sale. I have always been a person who never experimented with colours. I was always a person who picked up the blacks. Only recently, I have turned my closet into a plethora of colour ranges from pinks to oranges to cocoa browns to blues

7. Popping-Out-Of-The-Frame look

Feel like playing with mix of blues & reds in the foggy weather, YES you can. And carry that polo dotted Umbrella to complete your monsoon outfit

Blue stripped skirt from Forever21.com
8. All-Of-Me-Is-Boho look

Pairing black jumpsuit with an extra long denim jacket/dress. And a necklace I picked from a local store at Manali

FullSizeRender (3).jpg
Extra Long Denim Jacket/Dress picked up from local store
9. Lets-Wear-Old-Man’s-Hats-And-Get-Drunk-On-Wine look

The last but not the least. And I figured my names for the looks are getting like, quite bigger. I usually don’t choose short dresses, but there are days for them. So, they are welcome to stay in my closet.

Beige mini dress picked up in sale from Forever21.com
I am planning to write more on my personal choices in fashion & clothes. This was a first. Do let me know how did you like it. Leave your comments here.

All don’t forget to like what you wear & wear what you like. Because, the days we were what we like turn out to be the best days.

Signing off.

Stay Carefree, Stay Outrageous

~The Outrageous Girl

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