How I am saving for my for my long term travel plans

It is being quite a year already. I have spent a lot of my money in shopping for my clothes, cafe hopping to explore various coffee options near me, weekend treks & getaways with family & friends.

After almost an year of working, I am not really happy with my bank balance as I have not given priority to savings as much. I have always valued little experiences which I can afford to go for.
Now that I am planning a 2 month long road trip, I have jotted down ways to save after discussing with few of my friends & reading about it online.
1. Weekends at home to save an extra buck 

I personally believe that if you have to give away few of those blurry Friday nights to save few grands (which end up being a lot of cash by the end of 6 months), you will have liberty to be flexible with your travel plans
2. Cut down on unnecessary clutter 

I have done a lot of impulsive shopping which left me only broke towards the end of every month. I, on a very serious note, don’t even use a lot of things I got for myself. Don’t let this learning come to you later in your work life. Whatever you buy, make sure you seek value out of every penny you give out. Always remember that you have earned each and every rupee that you spend
3. Say NO to peer pressure

This is a very common problem everywhere. You might have found yourself forced to be a part of a social meet up at college or at work place, which you might not want to attend in the first place. While, I am not implying to zone yourself out & don’t mingle with anyone, but make sure you don’t end up spending lots at a place you never wanted to be there in the first place
4. Define your spending power 

This is a very important step while you start to save money. While it next to impossible to save 100% of your income, you need to set a number. Right now, am moving slowly from saving 40% of my salary to 60-65% from this month. Don’t let your expenses ever exceed beyond this limit
5. Ask yourself why are you saving in the first place 

From my personal experience, it really helps in saving when you know why are you saving. It acts as motivation in helping you save dedicatedly
Lastly, quoting one of my friends – “And priorities.

You can have, be and do anything you want, just not EVERYTHING 😋”

Cheers to more travelling

~ TheOutrageous Girl

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