Seating here in Bombay with my lappy, ignoring the honks of the vehicles in the background, I start to reminisce sweet memories of the place I visited few days back – Mahabalipuram aka Mahabs

I spent good two days here while it was going to be a one day trip from Pondicherry.

While I have been to lots of beautiful places in the last one year, this one city- Mahabs – is one of the most charming little cities near the east coast that I have been to so far. Imbibing within itself the south Indian culture & hosting people from all over the globe who come here to learn surfing & other water activities, it is a very interesting cultural fusion.

Few hours from Chennai, this also is a weekend get away for people residing here.

How to reach here:

This is accessible by road. 2 hours away from Chennai & Pondicherry both, it makes for a perfect day trip.

  1. If you are in Chennai, take a bus to Mahabalipuram & look out for options to stay near Mahabalipuram beach.
  2. If you are in Pondicherry, you will come to Mahabalipuram to check the famous shore temple. Shore temple is one of the tourist attractions here. My advice to all would to stay back here for a day or two to explore other things apart from the obvious.
  3. An hour distance from Mahabs is Kovalam where you can learn Surfing. I will cover all the water activities in my upcoming blog.
Mahabalipuram Map
Mahabalipuram is 1330 KM from Bombay & very near to east coast of India

Stay Options

There are many beautiful cottages which come in prices you will not able to believe & are few minutes away from the coast. I stayed here for two nights at two of the best cottages spending no more than INR 2000.

Here is my first picture blog – taking you to the virtual tour to the places I stayed at!

Day 1 – Raj Laxmi Guesthouse

This is a cozy bohemian stay option, walking distance away from Mahabalipuram beach. The entire place is fed with colors. Yellows & blues and the printed curtains are all very hippy & unconventional.

There are several hammocks hung outside in the verandah. Fiction & non fiction books are available & any guest can take it on rent it for free during their stay.

So before I stepped out of my hotel, I managed to click these pictures.

1: “My bohemian stay for today”
 “If only all my days were so colorful”
“Live a little & Lay in the colorful hammocks”


“Jump off Monday blue”
 “Lets have a little coffee, shall we?”

That was all about Rajlaxmi hotel.

I headed to the surfing area & had one of the best coffees I have ever had until today at Cafe Zoe!

“Run by Australian lady & south India staff members, this Cafe serves the best Latte”


And the Latte is served!

Day 2: Hotel Harol

This is beach facing resort & since I stayed here on a weekday, I got a beach facing room in INR 800. WOAH!

“Today’s motivation to wake up is to witness such views”




“Oh Amanda, how I love coffee made by you!”
Hippie much?


That moment when you realise your vacation is over!


Those were the two days in Mahabs!

Stay tuned!

Stay outrageous!

~ The Outrageous Girl