I have been always scared of water. As a child, I grew up in Mumbai & was told that if rains heavily, we all will drown with floods washing away the entire city.Therefore, I never enjoyed heavy rainfalls.

Only recently, I wanted to start learning swimming. I joined after I started working. It is extremely difficult to fit in swimming in my daily schedule (for me as I am very lazy) & I have been learning it since quite some time. The biggest challenge was to be comfortable in water. To know that you won’t drown as your body has enough air to keep you floating on the surface of the water. That realisation took some time. As I got comfortable, I started learning to breath in and out as I swam. Today was the first day, after so many days, when I actually swam. I floated. It was perfect. Although, I did take breaks to catch up with my breath as I don’t have enough stamina as yet to keep going, it felt awesome. To be in water.

This is the reason I have decided to keep this section on my blog. I am not clear as to what I am going to write about in this section right now.

But I will surely try to put to words my experience being an amphibian ❤



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