How To Plan North East India Trip On Your Own?

I recently visited North East for 10 days. I am one of those who like to have full control over what they do on their vacation. I am also one of those who like to know a place well in advance way before visiting it.

4 Things To Remember Before Planning Your Next Trip

Traveling is more than just being at a place. It starts way before you board your flight. It is an idea, an aspiration to be at a certain place which slowly builds up into a realistic itinerary. It can be molded, twisted & twirled into any form of your choice. Only during my recent short [...]

Taking you straight to Mahabs – One Charming Little City

While I have been to lots of beautiful places in the last one year, this one city- Mahabs - is one of the most charming little cities near the east coast that I have been to so far. Imbibing within itself the south Indian culture & hosting people from all over the globe who come here to learn surfing & other water activities, it is a very interesting cultural fusion.

How I am saving for my for my long term travel plans

It is being quite a year already. I have spent a lot of my money in shopping for my clothes, cafe hopping to explore various coffee options near me, weekend treks & getaways with family & friends. After almost an year of working, I am not really happy with my bank balance as I have [...]

Why only cycle when in Amsterdam?

Cycle in my 20s Remember those summer days where you had no big plans other than picking up your cycles & paddling your way around the city? I guess, that part of childhood has come to me a little later in life. I never rode a cycle, as a child. However, I always dreamt to own one having a [...]

Turtle Festival Part 2 – Why Turtles are important for Human Survival

Very much like me, you must be thinking, what exactly happens in TURTLE FESTIVAL? If you are of inquisitive nature, you would like to look upon it right away. So wait there, WHILE I take your little while to tell you all about it.